Become an Co-Cities App test user

Be cooperative and support us improving the travel and traffic information in your City!

Become cooperative with Co-Cities apps for Android and iOS! These compliant mobile apps give information on traffic and transport in European Cities by offering at the same time enhanced feedback functionalities designed to improve the information itself.

By using Co-Cities you can plan your trip and access dynamically updated information while travelling. For instance, you can plan a journey from your current position to a desired destination, you can look for a parking close to your location and receive information about free parking spots, search for bus stops and check the timetable or the expected departure time for your bus, or be informed about traffic alerts in the area.

Like a user of these apps you will have the possibility to also formulate feedback about the quality of the service, the quality of data or even provide new data. Feedbacks are sent to the Cities thus giving you the opportunity cooperating with your city in improving the information provision.

We invite you to become a test user! Just dowload our apps from the following sites:

Install the e-mixer Co-Cities app from google play

Install the e-mixer Co-Cities app from iTunes

Install the Dynavix Multi Co-Cities app from iTunes